Pam hits back at open letter hater

Rhythm City actress Pam Andrews has responded to the open letter Sunday World celebrity columnist Shwashwi recently wrote to address her fondness for uploading Instagram photos of herself in various states of undress.
Pam, who plays a�?Gail Octobera�? in Rhythm City, has of late been making headlines with the many raunchy photos she posts of herself on Instagram and Shwashwi, as she is want to do, recently decided to give her some advice.A� a�?Shwa loves folks who play with fashion and are daring, but you were only looking for attention. Boo, you are a wife and mother and no longer the hot rebel. You dona��t need to go to such lengths,a�? Shwashwi wrote.

a�?If you want to be recognised again, here are a few tips. One, do something that makes people pay attention and no, Shwa doesna��t mean be in a state of undress. Two, be selective of the places you go. Last, throw away all your clothes and go see David Tlale.a�?

Responding to this harsh advice by way of a sarcastic Instagram post of herself wearing a conservative outfit, Pam also wrote: a�?Dear shwashwi. . I read ur letter.. thank u so much 4ur concern and advice. . Is this better 4u?..

Sincerely. . #MissAndrews.. naked b**ch..x. – Zalebs drugstore makeup setting spray.