Of teenagers and sexual desires

This week on youth chat we feature one Mpilo Mathuthu author of the book Youthful Dangers. He writes about sex and teenage livelihood.

YOUNG people and their sexual needs previously were harnessed on the issue of relationships.

This week we are focusing on sexual desires. Young people have always had different needs which seem to make it top on their priorities lists.

This issue worries not only me but a couple of young people including pastors in churches, community leaders and the nation.

In the lives of youths across the board, sexual needsA� areA� a force to contend with because they are the most dangerous yet God-given inborn part of life.

It begins with children starting to notice their gender differences. Girls notice that they are attracted to boys and the other way around.

The whole concept is further stimulated by trends such as dress code and general behaviour.

TheA� media plays a big role because it shapes the worldview of children. What is cool and what is not is dictated by the media.

Since the media is awash with a�?sex sellsa�? kind of images, there is no way of possibly hiding this from young inquiring minds.

The Bible says that the desires of a man start from just seeing. David first saw Uriaha��s wife naked and the desire came. It all starts with what we feed our minds and our eyes then it builds up to how we act.

In the world that we are living in, as young people we are fully conscious of our sexual desires.

That is why among us the principle of a�?no sex before marriagea�? is hardly followed.

Teenage parties are everywhere and young people seem to be a�?hungrya�? for sex.

That is why everything we do especially communication has a link to negotiation for sex.

At some of these house parties young people lose their virginity, at worst get STIs such as HIV.

The church therefore has to come up with a way of redirecting these sexual drives into healthy and life building activities.

The other major causes of these activities rising high is that the activities that the churches are offering do not address the FUN part which is one of the most crucial and necessary elements of youthful living.

It therefore remains not a cry of churches but of the whole body of Christ and calls for action to be taken.

There is need for churches to improve their youth activities and come together in planning and implementingA� youth activities to counter the high sexual activities in youths.

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