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Of teenage boys, sugar mummies

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The sugar daddy syndrome is as bad as the sugar mummy scenario.

Week in week out our valued readers send short messages requesting love partners via the passion and compassion column in B-Metro.

What usually grabs my attention is when I see a message from a teenage boy that reads:

a�?I am a 16a��year-old boy. I want to be in love with a 40-year-old lady who has got money and is sex starved. At times it could be a 45a��year-old sending a message that reads: a�?I am a sex-starved 45-year-old woman and craving for an 18 or 20-year-old boy to sexually satisfy me.a�?

A question that begs answers is why such young boys are interested in old women instead of proposing love to their age-mates?

Philani Moyo (not his real name) whom I met at a workshop that was hosted by Sexual Rights Centre revealed that old women are so caring and loving unlike girls of his age.

He said girls of his age are troublesome: a�?They are moody, expect too much from me while they do not have cash or a car to take me from one point to another.a�?

Philani said sugar mummies take them to great places such as Victoria Falls or Matopos and spoil them a lot as they have the financial power.

Most of the sugar mummies are businesspeople and they are not found wanting when it comes to spending.

a�?I am sitting pretty because she does things that my parents cannot afford like buying me expensive cellphones or an ipad,a�? says Philani.

He said although he was enjoying being taken care of, what did not go down well with him were the sexual demands from his lover.

After that I met, Thoko Mlotshwa (not her real name). She said her teenage lover is controllable and listens to what she says. Thoko said she is married and her husband works in South Africa.

But one may ask, does this relationship not pose any risk to the teenage boy if the unsuspecting man finds out, certainly the two lovers are treading on dangerous ground as this would affect the teenage boy psychologically.

Rudo Mhlanga a psychologist said for the teenage boy to be in a proper relationship he would need to go for counselling sessions so that he would do away with the improper relationship.

Mhlanga said: a�?In most cases if the teenage boy is not counselled he will hop from one sugar mummy to another.a�?

I for one believe it is matter of self-control than falling prey to an old woman who would want to wreck your future.
Moreover church leaders are duty bound to hold lessons on such and teach the youths on dangers of being in love with sugar mummies.

Parents should also play a role and advice their children against falling for glamorous lifestyles offered by sugar mummies who are bent on satisfying their sexual appetites at the expense of the life of the teenage boys.

Youths should not succumb to peer pressure of being in love with sugar mummies but they should shrug off the peer pressure and stand their ground and not brook such ill-tendencies.

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