Africa Ajal Bol Gai Abuok

NUST elections raise stink

B-Metro Reporters
A NATIONAL University of Science and Technology (Nust) South Sudanese student elected as one of the Student Representative Council (SRC) councillors is accusing the SRC president and his party of sabotaging him so as to loot studentsa�� resources and perpetuate corruption.

Africa Ajal Bol Gai Abuok, a fourth year Civil and Water Engineering student, on a Sudanese Government scholarship, won the elections with 3493 votes. According to the previous constitution he was eligible to be the Secretary General (SG) automatically.

He said the Nust SRC president, Pablo Tinashe Chimusoro changed the constitution to block his elevation to a position which he says is influential and would give him power to stop corruption.

a�?I was officially elected by all students, ita��s only some individuals who were elected with me that are trying to sideline me because I am a reformist. I need transparency and proper delivery of service to the students,a�? said Abuok.

a�?The constitution was changed by those who knew they couldna��t make it to the top but can use their alliance to rob behind closed doors, especially president elect and his elites. They want me to be in the position where I will not have a voice to prevent corruption within SRC because most of the guys are final year students and their main interest is to pocket money and walk away because students will not see them again after their tenure,a�? he said.

Sources in the SRC said the newly elected members were discriminating against the South Sudanese national as they did not want a foreigner take up such an influential position.

a�?These guys are saying they cannot let him rule over Zimbabweans because he is a foreigner and the SG position is the strongest position after president. So thata��s why they are blocking him,a�? said a councilor who spoke on condition of anonymity.

He said he will petition the legal proctor to allow him to have a referendum to amend some articles of the SRC constitution.

Nust SRC president, Chimusoro refuted the discrimination allegations and said Abouka failed to land the post on democratic lines.

He said elections were held and Abouka was outvoted in the run to the SG position.

a�?He got into an election democratically and won the councillor post with the highest votes, but not for him to be the secretary general. According to the constitution he had to go through another election for the post and he was beaten,a�? said Chimusoro.

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