Nox Guni and Tallyn Ndudzo

Nox in fake relationship

Keith Mlauzi

WHO is fooling who?

What seemed could have been the “power couple” of 2019 was all a lie.

South Africa-based urban grooves artiste Nox Guni took social media by storm after he posted a cosy picture of him and United Kingdom-based Tallyn Ndudzo who once made rounds for flirting with Tytan Skhokho, now married to Olinda Chapel Nkomo.

Curious followers of Nox demanded to know who the girl featured in the picture was, the urban groover did not hesitate to respond with “Real Bae” implying she was the new lady in his life.

Some congratulatory messages for the ‘‘couple’’ began pouring until the picture reached Ndudzo who did not take the whole situation well.

Ndudzo then retaliated by posting a picture of her husband, which then brought a cloud of confusion on those who thought she was in a relationship with Nox.

B-Metro caught up with Ndudzo who then rubbished claims made by Guni saying the two were not in any relationship.

“I am not his girlfriend I just took a picture with him as a fan,” said Ndudzo.

Ndudzo added that she was in a relationship with someone and was not seeing Nox on the side.

“My relationship with Nox is professional. I am a promoter and we took the picture as friends. I’m not in a relationship with him,” she added.

After some backlash from Ndudzo, Nox deleted the picture from his Instagram page.

Asked for a comment Nox decided not say a word.

“I prefer keeping my private life private that’s why I ended up taking the picture down,” said Guni.