Not just a�?beautya��

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AN attempt at understanding men when it comes to cheating, is like trying to solve a Mandarin puzzle when you cannot read the language in the first place.

I realised that women mostly suspect a man of cheating because a�?he has found a beautiful womana�?.

But still, even those naturally beautiful ones or those who go for plastic surgery or face uplifts, still catch their husbands cheating on them, why? It is always difficult to understand why a man will cheat, especially on a very beautiful woman he has. But it happens all the time.

After speaking to several of my male friends about this topic, I have decided to share some of the reasons they gave as to why most men cheat on their beautiful ones.

If you think you are beautiful and that means your man will be faithful and glued to you alone, then you are up for the big shock. Being exceptionally beautiful does not guarantee faithfulness in the world of men.

You know sisters, being physically beautiful will attract the men but then it takes more than that to keep them for yourself only.

If a man is cheating on his beautiful woman, then it is one or more of those things which usually women take for granted. Ia��m not justifying men and their actions, but ita��s good to have it in mind that you do not want to contribute to the collapse of your marriage.

It is true that men love to be with beautiful women, especially those who know how to project glamour and prettiness all the time. However, men quickly get bored with looks and begin to look beyond the physical appearance.

Faithfulness hardly comes from physical attraction, emotional connection is needed to seal a deal on faithfulness.

Make your man enjoy your company!

When a woman is only good to be showcased around in beauty, men begin to look out for the important things that make up a loving relationship. For instance, a man wants to be taken care of and if a beautiful woman wona��t bend over to get that done, he will surely look around for where he can find that.

Also, no matter how rich a man is, he will love to see his woman do something with her life. So if a beautiful woman has nothing important going on in her, apart from watchingA� TV shows, shopping and painting nails, the man is set to look for the a�?a�?woman inspirationa��a�� somewhere. Get something to do with your life and do not be what has been labelled as an a�?a�?MMa��a�� abbreviation for MARRY and MAINTAIN.

A beautiful face and body will not be able to get a man to stay faithful. Sisters, do not ever relax, now that you have won his heart you have to strive to keep him yours alone.

Have you ever wondered why that man who has such a beautiful partner wona��t stop bothering you? You may think she is far beautiful than you and that is probably a fact. But she is ugly like hell inside.

The funny thing is that when it comes to beauty men are confused, one minute they want the woman who looks like a model. The one they can show around to friends and walk around holding her hands while every other man gets jealous. The next minute when they are mature, they are looking for the inside beauty, which is the calmness, kindness, support, understanding, softness and love. At this stage, they start to move back and forth between the not-so-beautiful woman and their beautiful partner.

Besides all the mentioned things, there is one more vital thing which cannot be left unmentioned as it is the only thing which you did not get from your loving parentsa�� home and that is the forbidden fruit!

There are some women out there that know how to really rock a mana��s boat. Being beautiful does not in any way mean you are a boat rocker in bed. For a woman to be able to blow the mind of a man, she must be a person who pays attention to details and responses.

If the woman is good in bed, then the man will keep coming back. No matter how beautiful a woman is, if the man is not getting the satisfaction he deserves then he will sneak to get what he is missing from home. Be that kind of woman who is ready to make improvements!

Sisters, next time while you are busy trying to make yourself look attractive, do not forget to also look for information on what to do and change your bedroom life and be on top of your game!

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