Normal programming has resumed. . .

Nkululeko Nkala

Here is what to look forward to. Well, I have always wanted to do that (sound like a TV). But then again, truth be told normal programming has resumed. 

Films are being launched, music is released and the backyard/ background staff are busy planning and releasing plans for the year.

Top television production crew Multi Media Box are on the verge of releasing their record 3rd film in partnership with Zambezi magic titled Another Wedding.

Do you remember Mzambane? Yes, the guy from Makorokoza, the renowned actor Zenzo Nyathi is about to exchange scripts for the music stage.

He is no stranger though to music as he was part of the amazing Lothulothu group with the late Beater Mangethe.

That’s not all to look forward to for the year. Most of the usuals are back again this year with a promise of being bigger and better.

Please note, the list is not exhaustive, what you will read here are most programmes within the circles I walk. If you know more, kindly let me know, I will gladly consume the information and pass it on.

Award winning playwright and director Raisedon Baya is premièring his play The Last King of Scotland at Bulawayo Theatre this January.

It’s a multi-talented cast featuring the amazing Charmaine Mudau, Zenzo Nyathi and veteran actor/ writer/ director Memory Kumbota.

The Bulawayo City Council Christmas festivities which just ended will again like clock work make a comeback.

And honestly after seeing the value of community events like the Nketa Park, I hope the Council initiative does not only just have to wait for December. Quarterly events will be my suggestion.

Bulawayo Arts Awards the City’s flag ship awards are back again this year for the third time running and will happen in June. Watch out for their call for nominations and submissions in a few weeks.

Another flagship which has stood the test of time and harsh economic conditions is Intwasa Arts Festival. The spring festival will take place in September and promises to be bigger than previous years.

Last year the festival partnered with the Skyz Metro FM’s Umcimbi Wabantu celebrations. Umcimbi has grown to be another big look forward to event.

Centre for Talent Development who are the curators of the amazing Live Literature programme will once again run the set book festival again this year. There is a promise for Ndebele literature set books as part of the line-up.

Arts Extra or Intwasa Arts Extra will again make a return to shut down the year as it proved that there is a need for alternative programming during the December festivities.

There is obviously a lot of other soldiers pushing the arts business like Umahlekisa Comedy Club who will be in the trenches all year long.

Victory Siyanqoba and Desire Moyo will also contribute to this programming. Ibumba Festival, who made a return this year, are also part of the 2019 programming.

Here is hoping for an enjoyable 2019. Let the Trade Fair and other big events in our City benefit the locals.

Until next week, be safe … @nkuenkala 0772214373