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Nobuntu makes Italy bow

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After their countrywide tour which saw them travel the length and breadth of Zimbabwe showcasing their award winning exploits, Bulawayo group Nobuntu made their first appearance in Italy over this past weekend.

The group is fresh from a Zimbabwean tour which saw them play in Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls, in what were rare outings for them as it is widely acknowledged that they make their bread and butter from foreign gigs and festivals where their brand of music is a novelty.

The local tour was also part of their efforts to promote their most recent album, Ekhaya.

The group had its first ever showing in Brianza last Friday followed by another performance at the Vox Mundi

Festival in Tuscany earlier this week before leaving that country for a special concert for the Kids in Graz a�� Musivana, Austria.

The group is set to return to Italy after a brief stop for another showing in Germany. The ensemble is made up of five women, who took it upon themselves to invade the mena��s dominated Imbube genre and bring in their voice to the entire music genre.

Thandeka Moyo, Joyline Sibanda, Zanele Manhenga, Heather Dube and Duduzile Sibanda, make up the ensemble.

Although their prowess is celebrated at home, the group recently alluded to the fact their exploits were mainly appreciated by foreign fans.

a�?Although locals do not appreciate us as much as foreigners do, Even Jesus said that a prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home, we hope this will change soon,a�? said group member Sibanda.