Nobuntu, Black Umfolosi back home

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While they have made their names as globe-trotters of note, Bulawayo groups Nobuntu and Black Umfolosi are back in town and are looking to give fans a treat before they jet off for their latest overseas adventures.

The two groups traditionally make their bread and butter overseas, where their brand of music has found many admirers, thus making them a scarce commodity on the local scene.

However, this weekend, before Nobuntu jets off to Switzerland for another tour, the two groups will meet at the Bulawayo Academy of Music on Saturday in a rare clash.

The two groups are set to give an Imbube masterclass, when they meet, as veterans Umfolosia�� proven prowess will mingle with Nobuntu who are considered by many the new stars in the world of gospel music.

a�?Growing up, we would wake up to music by legends such as Black Umfolosi and performing with them on the same stage is such an honour. We are extremely excited to be celebrating pure voices and the talent that we have in Bulawayo. The audience should expect nothing but exceptional sounds from both Nobuntu and Black Umfolosi, a�? said Thandeka Moyo of Nobuntu.

It remains to be seen how the two will fare in front of a Bulawayo audience, as many in the past have pointed out that the city does not treasure its stars who are coveted elsewhere around the globe, hence their nomadic lifestyles which see them spend more time on the road than at home. how to get off pain pills.