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No Woman is a sex toy!

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TALKING about sex issues is not taboo, get that right, even though it has never been the easiest topic in conservative societies, couples should discuss it for women not to feel like sex toys.

In some societies in the past and even today ita��s believed sex is all about the man getting satisfied and nothing more.

Sisters, please be active in the bedroom game and enjoy it. Sex has to be pleasurable and fulfilling in every relationship. If not careful, it can be the greatest source of disappointment, despair and frustration if partners are not able to communicate freely about it.

Silence and denial is not the answer to your sexual issue. A sex-starved marriage has a way of breeding anger, resentment, rejection and rebellion which eventually often opens the door to infidelity.

It takes two to play the adult game and therefore both parties should enjoy and no woman should participate in the game just to please her man. It is important for a woman to reach the big O as much as men need it.

Quite frankly, women dona��t receive as much stimulation from intercourse as men do and therefore intercourse for most women in itself is not enough to bring women to orgasm. Women need to be warmed up!

Sisters, talk to your men and let them understand that you need foreplay. The problem is that most people want to separate sexual intercourse with other optional bits. Stop seeing those a�?bitsa�? as optional! Sex is more than intercourse. Ita��s touching. Ita��s playing. Ita��s feeling wonderful! Ita��s being even more intimate.

Being a�?sexuala�? is doing anything that can cause someone else to get aroused a�� it isna��t just intercourse. Touching someone you are dating below the clothing is dangerous or wrong, not just because it can get them aroused and you may go further, but because thata��s sexual in itself. Go for the complete package!

The complete package makes both parties enjoy and helps drag out the whole thing, making it even more intimate.

With the whole package, the couple is guaranteed of steamy sexual intercourse which contributes to everlasting love.

Nevertheless, foreplay can be awfully tedious and kind of off-putting if the woman thinks of foreplay as something that HE does to ME. All problems start the minute you have such a mindset. No woman should be passive and expect her man to arouse her alone. Be active and make foreplay something that you do together, not something that he does to you!

I have realised that most of the time I discuss the issue of foreplay, women have it that it is the mana��s duty. No, not in this century. I wonder why women always think they are the ones who need jump-starting and they have to lie down like logs. Take part in the game , go wild so that by the time you have intercourse, both of you are ready to go.

Make the game playful and provide enough foreplay to get the juices flowing. For women, this act is a must to ensure that there is an emotional and physical bond introduced. Ladies, unlike men, take a much longer time to reach their peak arousal!

Kissing is one of the most important things which couples need not ignore.Always kiss your partner with passion!

Kissing has been around since the beginning of mankind. This whole act brings about a sensual aspect that makes couples feel closer to their partners and feels good in the process.

With foreplay, there is never too much kissing that can be involved, however, a person can make out so roughly that it ruins the mood. Soft, gentle, passionate kisses work best to steam things up.

When talking of a kiss, think outside the box as we are not only talking about the usual French kiss. You can kiss the lips, legs, arms, back or neck to make your partner want more. Some of the top places to focus your mouth on besides lips are behind the ears, between ear and neck and lower back. All that is needed is creativity and confidence.

Partners should make sure before finishing foreplay, they are all wet. Foreplay is all about making each other really excited and turned on. If a woman is not well lubricated, this will result in painful sex and not feel as good as for men.

It is then advisable that couples do not skimp on the pre-game warm-up. Most women need a good 20 minutes of foreplay to make sure their parts are ready for action. Be warned fast trackers that simply adding lube isna��t a good short-cut as it might make entry easier, but it wona��t change the length or shape of the cookie-jar.

Sisters, no woman is a sex toy, participate in the game and tell your man how best you want it to be done.

Simply talk about sex! Communication on expectations and yes, post-match analysis, where necessary, with love, affection and tenderness, is healthy. What is important is to be careful not to injure the ego of your partner as this will affect present and future performance.

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