No to dim-witted compromises

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

AT times I wonder why society is so cruel to women expecting them to compromise in relationships even if they are dying. Of course it’s good to put some effort for the relationship to survive, but it should not be dim-witted compromises.

Without taking away the obvious such as being a humble woman who respects her partner, never compromise to the extent of losing your identity.

It is sad that some women are enduring bad relationships with badly behaved and irresponsible men because they are following what society tells them to do.

This is why many women are crumbling under the weight of bad relationships and marriages because they are making unnecessary compromises just to keep men who bring them nothing but headaches and heartaches.

Dear woman, stop. Stop making compromises to men who don’t care about your sanity, peace and hearts. Stop making relationship compromises that won’t benefit you in the long run.

You are not a beast of burden, stop suffering unnecessarily because of men who don’t know how to love or what it takes to be in a loving relationship.

In an ideal relationship, compromise helps couples to deal with each other’s differences without changing who they are.

They are those things you do so that you can be on the same page with your partner in your relationship.

It is important not to allow society to trick you into making unhealthy compromises just to keep a man. As a woman, you should compromise in a relationship without changing yourself.

No matter how much you love a man, don’t compromise your self-worth for any relationship.

A woman should be treated with love and respect by her man. He should stay by her side through good and bad times. My sister, don’t accept verbal, emotional and physical abuse in your relationship.

Unhealthy communication can be seriously damaging to your self-esteem.

Any man who tries to keep you from seeing your family and friends is a potential abuser.

While his possessiveness may make you feel wanted and special in the beginning, it can also be a red flag of things to come later in the relationship. You need your family and friends in your life and not only a boyfriend or a husband.

Your core values depict who you are at your very soul, don’t compromise this for any relationship or marriage.

Your man should respect your life values and not expect you to throw them away because of him.

You don’t have to stop being who you are or stop believing in your values because of a man.

You don’t need a man who makes you go against your life’s principles. He shouldn’t be in your life to begin with. If a man is unscrupulous, don’t claim your love will change him. If you get married to him, things will get worse.

Don’t compromise your principles for any man. Don’t put up with anything unless you are genuinely okay with it.

You don’t have to compromise your body and womb by committing a series of abortions for that man you are dating. He refuses to use condoms during sex, yet whenever you end up pregnant, he tells you to have an abortion without blinking. Use your brain, he doesn’t love you.

As a woman, having communication compatibility is very important in your relationship.

You don’t have to put up with a man who doesn’t communicate with you and one you don’t know what he’s thinking and feeling.

Stop making excuses for his lack of communication, it points to bigger problems down the road. You both should be open and free to talk about things as lovers.

If you cannot talk and discuss things with your man, then who will you talk to?

Sisters, marry men you can talk toand stop getting strangers involved in your marital issues. Your husband is not a masquerade, talk to him if something is bothering you.

Women, I repeat, you shouldn’t compromise too much and whatever you do, make sure it does not take away your happiness.

Life is hard, don’t complicate it further by putting up with trashy behaviour in the name of relationship compromises.

The unfortunate part, tomorrow you will be the one most hurt.

Men should learn to make relationship compromises too.

They are not immune to working to make their relationships work. It is not the duty of women alone to make compromises for their relationships. It takes two to make a relationship work.

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