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No sanctions in the bedroom

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

REMEMBER that it doesna��t get angry!
Wondering what I am talking about, Ia��m referring to the cookie-jar. No matter what you are going through in your relationships, never bring sex sanctions on your partner.

Some people do not know that introducing a sex roster is also part of sanctions. So just do away with these rosters as you are starving your better half. Sanctions always make life difficult and the same applies in relationships.

Just for interesta��s sake, how often do you play the adult game with your partner?

I know this is one of the unspoken issues and someone could have even felt shy after reading the above question, forgetting that I am not asking her face to face.

Seems this is one of the nagging topics which couples are not open to talk about. All I know is that most couples have turned more like brothers and sisters and no longer play the hide the sausage game.

Most women have drafted sex rosters and you will hear someone confessing that she has made it a habit that she only has sex within a certain period of time.

Seriously my sister, remember that when you left your home everything was readily available except for only one thing, a man to give you sexual pleasure!

No sex rosters please. You have moved to be with him, but now you get too busy to entertain each other in the bedroom. Many people have asked me how many times should a couple have sexual intercourse and according to my research, it seems there is no answer to that because peoplea��s sexual urges are different.

It only gets bothersome when couples go for weeks and months without taking off each othera�� s underwear!

You find someone claiming that she is fixing or punishing her partner by not being intimate with her. Really? If your partner messes up, you should discuss the issue and solve the problem. By the time you get to the bedroom, it will be water under the bridge and you have to enjoy.

By so doing, you become very close and not drift apart, but the minute you bring on sanctions, you create more problems as the crime of denying someone conjugal rights is a deal breaker.

All you have to understand is that when couples stop having sex, their relationship becomes vulnerable to anger, detachment, infidelity and ultimately divorce. I believe that sex matters in the relationship and it is the glue that keeps couples together and without it, couples become friendsa�� at best and at worst squabbling room mates.

In a relationship, both partners should strive to keep the fire burning and the minute you realise that you no longer have interest in having sex with your partner, it is a disaster because we all know that sex plays a certain role in every relationship.

You have to keep in mind that sexual intercourse may be one of the ways to typically express your love and desire for each other. There are no set rules on how many times you should have it, but when the mood leads you to do it, go for it and if it does not, then fine. The important thing is knowing that you both need each othera��s services!

I will always remind you that sex is not for the benefit of men only, but even women need it as much as men do.

Never get too busy for sex. As you always make time for other things, do the same thing for the adult game!

Sex is important for many reasons, both physical and emotional. Health experts say it releases oxytoxin, a hormone which makes you feel lovey dovey and improves your bond with your partner.

Research says after having good sex a woman feels strong and happy. Strong in the sense that you will be energetic and can do all the chores very well. It is good exercise for everyone, do not punish yourself!

Sex improves onea��s self-esteem as you will have a feel good sensation that makes you feel secure and calm. Women who do not get enough in the bedroom are usually moody and not happy. Play the adult game and enjoy the benefits!

We are all different, but leta��s not starve our partners by having sex rosters and sanctions in our bedrooms!
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