No Panties Day: Freestylea��s the way to go?

SOME men find it sexy.

They get turned on just by looking at a womana��s backside and noticing she has nothing on under her dress or skirt.

Others find it disgusting, but the truth is some women dona��t wear underwear.

I have seen a number of them.

They call it a�?freestylea�?.

The concept was new to me until this weekend when I witnessed that some women really do go without underwear.

I was at a popular drinking spot (South Africa) when a woman got up from her chair to go and have a smoke and a naughty breeze blew up her dress.

Suddenly eyes were popping out as her buttocks were out there for everybody to see.

And so was her punani, which she had clearly forgotten to trim!

I heard a group of guys at the table behind ours voice mixed reactions.

a�?I like it when I see a girl wearing jeans or leggings without underwear, especially if we are going to the bedroom. It just lightens up the bedroom scene,a�? one drinker said.

The guya��s friends disagreed.

a�?Youa��re out of order.a�?

a�?A woman with underwear on is very sexy,a�? they yelled at him.

Soon the entire place was having a discussion about the women freestyling.

To the surprise of many women, when the freestyle sister came back into the tavern the men whistled.

And she didna��t look ashamed at all. She had a big smile on her face as she made her way back to her table.

I believe it all depends on a womana��s self esteem. If she loves the idea of freestyling, let her be.

I mean if a woman is confident enough to shorten the dressing process and she can go freestyle, good for her.
Shea��s brave. Give that woman a Bella��s!

And guys, whether you think it is sexy or not, dona��t think of it as an invite. We dress for ourselves, not for you. a�� DailySun abra pills.