Zebediah Mavuma

No-nonsense father beats up headmaster

Danisa Masuku
A Bulawayo man, Zebediah Mavuma, known for controversy whenever he attends a school meeting claims to have beat upA� Moroka Magaya, who is Mzingwane High Schoola��s headmaster, for allegedly running down the school.

a�?I lost my temper and had to beat him. The matter was reported to the police and I even went to court where I pleaded guilty and the magistrate warned and cautioned me,a�? he said.

Mavuma had attended a School Development Committee (SDC) meeting where he started with accusations levelled at the Headmaster.

a�?I pointed out that the school headmaster had run down the school while we pay a lot of money in the region of $500. As a result an argument broke out,a�? he added.

Last week Mavuma caused a scene at Coghlan Primary School accusing the headmistress of imposing SDC chairpersonA� Rev Kapofu.

He stands by his actions.

a�?Ia��m a principled person, as such I was not happy when the SDC chairperson who has been the chairperson for the past four years stood to address the meeting. I stood up and seized the microphone from him and told him straight to his face that he cana��t address us because he was not the elected chairperson but was imposed by the headmistress Mrs Jain Ndlovu,a�? he said.

When contacted for comment SDC chairperson Rev Kapofu refused to shed light on the matter but chose to refer this reporter to Bulawayo Provincial Education Director.

Bulawayo Provincial Education Director Olicah Kaira was not available for comment. cheap generic viagra soft pills. drugspick. dutasteride 2.5mg how to buy viagra usa. .