No frogs in bed

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ITa��S winter time and no one wants to share a bed with a frog!

Wondering what I mean by the term frog? A frog is that kind of person who is always cold no matter how much she puts on, her feet and hands remain so so cold that if you are next to her you struggle to fall asleep and in the middle of the night you can break your leg jumping off the bed after assuming there is a frog on your bed.

At the same time, remember that going to bed doesna��t mean you have to be an onion, sisters by an onion we mean those people who pile several clothes while going to bed. Remember its adult game time.

After all this, is the time we have been singing all along the year that we want ingubo elamehlo, winter has given us even a better excuse to fetch that blanket. Ingubo elamehlo keeps you warm and your partner is that type of blanket.

Nevertheless like I hinted before there are some people out there who are just cold and they are a complete turn off when it comes to be bed companions. Sorry for lack of a better word, calling them frogs is just a metaphoric expression in comparison with their skin which is natural cold.

Sisters, if you find yourself in that predicament deal with the situation. There are several options ranging from food, clothing and winter weather accessories etc hot water bottles and choice of blankets to choose that can be used during winter to avert the frog skin issue.

Any human skin if it is subjected to a certain amount of heat can easily adjust and regulate itself to that very temperature. As a result, if you find a partner suffering from that condition be prepared to use the above methods to kill the cold before it kills your sex life.

The other best thing sisters is to brace the cold and cuddle naked in warm blankets with your partner, if that as well fails to work a heated passionate round of sex can easily solve the dilemma and set you into a path of warmness during many nights to come in winter.

Several colleagues I talked to on this issue also hinted that taking warm fluids and liquids before going to bed can actual assist to raise the body temperature into a much desired bed temperature for both partners.

Like me, most of us who cana��t afford winter accessories like electric blankets you can simple resort to hot water bottles which can be filled with hot water and easy food recipe that turn up the human body temperature.

Spicy foods can actual come to the aid; if they are consumed just few moments before retiring to bed they can also raise body temperatures to levels that are desirable. Also one can wear warm winter stockings. Because most of the times cold temperatures attack the feet and hands so if these areas are adequately covered, the body temperatures can easily be regulated and adjust to the rest of the body.

Remember to take off the stockings when going to bed as you will be already warm and during sex they turn to be a turn off, ita��s sexy when you curl each others toes.

The other viable and economical option is to by chocolate bars which can be melted and mixed with hot milk to create a warm drink before resorting to bed. Also adding a little dark chocolate to your diet is a great health booster too, which can improve your body heat.

However if you are to beat the winter blues, ita��s advisable to first warm yourself up and resort to other methods in bid to ensure your body temperature stays afloat.

Ita��s not a secret that winter babies are a result of the need to keep the temperature at desirable level. After all being said and done what are the best methods in comparison to sex that can raise temperatures to ceiling levels? NONE!!!

As a result my sisters this winter to beat the winter bug give him marathon sex keep him busy like a rabbit and giving him small breaks now and then, because we wouldna��t want to lose a man during these times of needs.

Sex positions like the missionary and spooning are the best methods which can be adopted to ensure that the bodies dona��t stray from the cover of the warm blankets, after all a frog skin can be toned down. As long as blood races in the best pace you are good to go.

Winter time, never forget morning glory, it keeps you moving and happy.

Sisters, the winter is not slowing down and going anywhere fast, so leta��s keep our partners warm in as much as they seek to keep us warm. There is no fulfilling situation like going home fully knowing that you will be saved to a warm bed. Ita��s after all, a reassurance and the essence of the statement that there is no better place like home. Till next time, leta��s keep the beds on fire!

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