Jackie Chan

NO FIGHTING! . . . Jackie Chan wants LESS violence in film

a�?Rush Houra�? actor and martial arts legend Jackie Chan has blasted the use of violence in movies and insisted he is trying to reduce its presence in his own films.
The a�?Around the World in 80 Daysa�? actor considers the films he directs to be like his children, and he has a very strict set of guidelines he makes sure he adheres to when working on a project and it includes stripping them of unnecessary fighting despite his martial arts background.

He told The Observer Magazine: a�?When I direct, the film is like my baby. I have to make sure there is comedy but no dirty comedy and a positive message.

a�?I like people to believe the stunts are real a�� ita��s not like a�?Spider-Mana�� or a�?Iron Mana�� where a 20-minute scene can be pure CGI. I only use a tiny bit of special effects.

a�?I want it to be believable, so where I used to do a triple kick, I now just do one. Eventually there will be no kicks. There has to be plenty of action, but not violence.a�?

Meanwhile, Chan admitted even though his fame has come from starring in action films based on his martial arts skills, he actually has a real problem with a�?violencea�?.

He explained: a�?I have a dilemma. I love action, but I hate violence. There is so much violence in the world, from video games and from other movies.

a�?I want my movies to have a message of peace, and helping each other . . . You have to keep working and keep learning. If children are playing video games or lying in bed they wona��t.a�? pharmacy in windsor ontario.