No conjugal rights for ten months!

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A court case about marital problems briefly turned into sex talk because of the accuseda��s statement that bordered on innuendo. Gay Mtetwa told a packed court that his wife, Loveness Mashingaidze, took him to court because she didna��t like beingA� controlled. But the way it came out of Gaya��s mouth sounded like his wife had taken him to court because he did not want to have sex with her while she was on top.

a�?The source of our marital problems is not that I am depriving her of her conjugal rights but whenever we are doing something she always wants to go on top of me but as a man I am supposed to be on top not down,a�? Mtetwa said responding to his wifea��s claim that he was physically abusing her and denying her her conjugal rights.

This left the magistrate, Evelyne Mashavakure, trying to figure out the possible meaning of the expression a�?on topa�?.
The seemingly startled presiding magistrate later opened up saying:

a�?Sir your statement is not clear. By saying a�?on topa�� I am not getting you properly. Are you trying to say your wife wants to dictate on everything you plan in your house or you are referring it to something else?a�?

a�?The point I am trying to bring home Your Worship is that I am not abusing my wife as she is claiming before this court. She is the source of all our marital problems as she does not want to take orders from me as her husband. She is always taking orders from her sisters and relatives. A case in point was when she turned down my order to move from our lodgings in Selbourne Park to Cowdray Park. To my surprise she later agreed after she consulted her sisters,a�? said Mtetwa.

Mtetwaa��s puzzling response came after his wife claimed that he was physically and sexually abusing her.

a�?I am legally married to Gay and he is physically abusing me. He is also verbally abusing me saying when he married me my parents were only after his money. He has betrayed me by impregnating another woman before we dissolved our marriage. Gay has numerous girlfriends which is causing him to deprive me of my conjugal rights for the past 10 months,a�? she said.

The magistrate ordered Mtetwa not to physically and verbally abuse the applicant. The couple was referred to counselling for two weeks.