No beating, no exam sitting

A form four pupil at Mpumelelo High School in Nkayi was barred from writing O-level exams after she resisted corporal punishment from a teacher.

Soganile Masuku together with other four pupils refused to be hit by a hosepipe opting for a stick shortly before writing their first Science paper examination, but her teacher, identified as Chikerema would have none of it and allegedly decided to chase them away from school.

Soganilea��s infuriated father Venson Masuku stormed B-Metro newsroom to relate the nightmare.

a�?It seems their class was late to get to their laboratory for the examination and the teacher decided to beat them up using a stick.

a�?With about five pupils left the stick became too short to inflict any pain on anyone, so the teacher decided to use a hosepipe and thata��s when all the five pupils refused to be beaten hence the decision by the teacher to expel all.

a�?They were all told to go home and come back with their parents,a�? said Masuku.

Some pupils immediately returned with their parents while Soganile had to travel 100km to get his father.

a�?Unfortunately I stay about 100km away from the school and there was no way I could respond immediately. The other four pupils brought their parents and finally sat for their examination while my child was left in the cold,a�? said the agitated Masuku adding that his child could not write all the three Science papers.

The matter was reported to the District Education Office although no satisfactory explanation was obtained.

a�?When I approached the school head, a Mrs Masunta her explanation was not satisfactory and I hear she told the District Education Officer that she thought it was a minor issue.

a�?All they are telling me now is that she will write the paper in June but Ia��m not sure where they expect me to get the examination fee after struggling to raise the November one,a�? said Masuku.

Matabeleland North Provincial Education Officer Boitathelo Mguni confirmed receiving a report.

a�?Yes we received a report to that effect and the issue is still under investigation,a�? said Mguni.

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