Nine years for keeping a stray cow

A Gweru man was slapped with a nine-year imprisonment for keeping a stray cow that had joined his heard of cattle without reporting the matter to the police.

The man, Robson Mpofu, of Plot 316 Village 3 Ruby pleaded guilty before magistrate Judith Taruvinga.

Representing the State prosecutor Gracious Rongai told the court that on a date not known but in March 2009, Siphiwe Mathea��s heifer strayed to Mpofua��s herd of cattle but Mpofu did not report the stray heifer to the police. Mathe reported to the police that her heifer was missing.

Mpofu then approached Richard Hwinya and they exchanged the heifer with 12 sheets of zinc. In November 2013 Mathe identified her heifer in Hwinyaa��s herd. She asked Hwinya where he had got the heifer and he revealed that he had got it from Mpofu.

After learning that his illicit deal had been exposed, Mpofu went to hide in an unknown place. On November 15 the heifer was sold to Mazankwe Primary School by Hwinya.

Mathe received information that her heifer had been sold and she reported the matter to the police who attended the scene and she positively identified the cow with the hide and earmarks.

The value of the stolen heifer was $600. buy lasix online europe.