Memory Nkomo

‘Night prayer’ woman’s midnight romp busted

Gibson Mhaka
A woman from Nkulumane suburb in Bulawayo was caught by her husband enjoying a midnight sex romp at her lover’s home where she had gone under the pretext of attending an all-night prayer.

Last Friday Memory Nkomo (ABOVE), a Methodist Church member, in a bid to have a “sex gala” at her married lover James Furusayi’s place allegedly lied to her husband Chirongoto Tsuro that she was attending a night prayer at her church.

Nkomo and Chirongoto have been married for 16 years and have three children together. Furusayi’s wife is reportedly a cross-border trader.

Being a Biblical doubting Thomas, Tsuro who had been suspecting his wife of cheating, at around midnight went to Furusayi’s house where he reportedly found her being given the time of her life by Furusayi.

In an unsolicited interview, a heartbroken Tsuro said he nearly fainted after he heard his wife calling out her lover’s name during sex.

“What happened is that on the day in question my wife lied to me that she was attending an all night prayer at her church. At first I did not suspect anything until I recalled that she once lied to me the other day that she was visiting her aunt in Morningside yet she was going to Furusayi’s house.

“I confronted Furusayi at his house but he denied ever having a relationship with my wife. At around 12am after suspicions got the better of me, I went to Furusayi’s house where upon arrival and through the assistance of a neighbour I went close to his bedroom window where I overheard my wife’s voice calling out Furusayi’s name. From the way she was calling it out, it was apparent that the two were making love,” said Tsuro.

Avoiding taking the law into his own hands, Tsuro called the police who came and ordered Furusayi to open the door.

“Realising that Furusayi was not going to open the door for me, I called the police. They accompanied me to his house where they ordered him to open his bedroom door. At first he refused but seeing that the police were losing patience with him he opened.

“We found my wife sleeping on his bed while half dressed. We went to the police station but the police said there was nothing they could do as the matter was a civil one. At the moment, I am waiting for her parents to come for deliberations,” Tsuro said.

When reached for comment, Nkomo blamed her adulterous antics on her husband. She      said he was sexually starving her.

“It is true that my husband followed me to my lover’s place of residence where I had gone under the pretext that I was attending an all-night prayer. I fell in love with Furusayi out of frustration after Tsuro denied me my conjugal rights for over three months. I am still sexually active and I cannot stay without a man.

“Furusayi has been doing everything for me while my husband has been sexually neglecting me. At times he forces me to sleep in the kitchen. I even took the matter to his relatives and my pastor, Takaendesa, who tried to talk to him but to no avail. My parents are also aware of the matter,” said Nkomo before she gave the phone to another tenant who also testified that Nkomo and her husband were sleeping in separate bedrooms.

Furusayi could neither confirm nor deny that he was caught bonking Nkomo.

“Who told you that? If Tsuro is having marital problems with his wife he should not blame me for that. He is after destroying my marriage and tarnishing my image,” he said before he begged this reporter not to write the story.