Johannes Madimutisi

Night club brawl soldier sets record straight

Andile Tshuma
A PEACEMAKING soldier got more than he bargained for when he was hospitalised after being assaulted with a beer bottle at a local night club.

Johannes Madimutisi, an army officer based at Mzilikazi Barracks was drinking with his friend, only identified as Ticha at Bulawayoa��s Red Cafe when the unfortunate incident happened.

Ticha is alleged to have had an altercation with a fellow patron, a Club 263 DJ, who was identified as Micheck Lunga.

a�?I was at Red Cafe with my friend on Friday night and not in uniform. My friend had a misunderstanding with another guy who was also drinking and is a Club 263 DJ,a�? said Madimutisi.

Madimutisi said Lunga pushed a table in the heat of the fight, spilling beer in the process. Ticha then demanded that he be compensated for his loss, leading to the squabble degenerating into a fistfight.

Madimutisi attempted to stop the fight and during his peace making mission he was unlucky as he was then struck on the head with a beer bottle.

He said he was hospitalised and failed to appear in court on the day that the accused person was sent to court. The matter was remanded to today at the Bulawayo Magistratesa�� court.

a�?I tried to restrain them but that guy struck me with a beer bottle intentionally. I am not keen to fight in public so I reported the matter to the police. I was injured and could not go and testify in court, leading to the postponement of the matter,a�? said Madimutisi.

Madimutisi said his car was damaged as the wrangle continued outside Red Cafe.

Contrary to earlier reports, the incident involving Madimutisi occurred at Red Cafe and not Club 263, and Madimutisi was clad in civilian clothes and not army uniform.

Contacted for clarification, Club 263 Head of Security Elliot Mukaro said the incident at his club was unrelated to Madimutisi and involved an imposter who stole his tenanta��s army uniform in order to gain free entry into a bar as a civil servant.

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