Onisai Ndiweni(L), Benhilda Munyuki and Chorwa Dube(R)

Niece grabs aunt’s hubby

Michael Magoronga

A Kwekwe woman was left clutching thin air after her husband of more than a decade was snatched by her niece.

Onisai Ndiweni of Mbizo in Kwekwe, will forever rue the day she invited her niece, Benhilda Munyuki to stay with them after she later snatched her husband.

The matter was heard at Kwekwe Civil Court where the man in question, Chorwa Dube, sought a protection order against his former wife accusing her of disturbing him and his newly found wife.

Dube, who abandoned the matrimonial home in April 2018, to move in with Munyuki and they already have one child, accused his former wife of visiting them and disturbing their peace.

“She is in the habit of coming to our house being violent, threatening to beat us up and disturbing our peace. I therefore plead with the court to protect us from the woman,” Dube told the court.

He said he was no longer in love with Ndiweni with whom he has three children.

“There is no more love between us and I am so much in love with my new wife. She understands me better than her and I cannot stand her constantly visiting us,” he said.

Ndiweni told the court that she only wanted Dube to visit their matrimonial home and play his fatherly obligation.

“He is my husband and I want him to constantly visit home to see how I am doing with the children. When I visit them they say I am disturbing,” said a tearful Ndiweni.

She said she regretted ever inviting her niece to stay with them.

“I invited her to stay with us when things were not going well for her, little did I know that she would repay me by snatching my husband,” she said.

Magistrate Miss Vimbai Mtukwa gave the two a binding protection order and ordered the former couple not to visit each other and concentrate on their personal lives since they had indicated they were no longer together.