Ndabezinhle Nyathi

New publishing platform for authors

Keith Mlauzi

Authors that have always dreamt of reaching out to the world through their writing skills will not have to worry as a new platform has been developed to help them reach out beyond the country’s borders. 

Mobotech e-publishing is the new publishing platform created by 23-year-old Ndabezinhle Nyathi in a bid to help authors get their work reach multiple nations.

“I noticed why we have a few celebrated authors from this country, it’s because of the boundaries that have been put for our own writers. Mobotech will help writers get their work out there to the world,” said Nyathi.

Nyathi developed his concept inspired by Amazon books. Mobotech has no restriction and writers can sell their work to any country.

“Mobotech is better than Amazon because our platform is accessible to anyone in any country unlike Amazon which is only accessible to some selected countries,” he added.

“Writers publish and sell on the platform for free, we take our commission when they start selling,” said the IT wizard.

Nyathi said Mobotech caters for those who would like to begin writing up to literature gurus.

“We do not have any age restrictions, for those who would like to begin writing we also offer services that develop rough scripts to good work that is ready for publishing,” said Nyathi.

Mobotech has no room for plagiarised work as it automatically searches if there are any similar works online before publishing anything.

“If anyone uploads their piece, the system automatically searches around the web and if it’s plagiarised work the writer will be given a warning and if they repeat the same crime they will be banned from publishing anything on our platform,” he added.



    wow great work IT wizard Ndabezinhle Nyathi, we need more of such great work for the development of our country. Well done and keep it up