New fashion of drug and substance abuse

A�Mthandazo Ndlovu antabuse for sale no prescription.

WITH every season, there is new fashion style or swag that comes in with it and the same applies to the universe of drug and substance abuse.

There is an outbreak this time around of what they call the a��a��sconea��a�� as it is baked as a scone, a�?a�?the skunk cakea��a�� because of how it is made and the ingredients and also how its effects turn you into a skunk animal. They also call it the a��a��fly or space cakea��a�� because of the affects you get as some escape from reality and find themselves growing wings and flying up high like an eagle.

The history of skunk cakes traces back to the emerging of the cocaine drug which is a stimulant and was labelled as the rich mana��s drug due to its expensive nature, such that some that had been exposed to drugs and had reached tolerance stage on the other drugs and needed something that could give them the a�?a�?high kicka��a��.

Because of the lack of resources to make the cocaine, they started getting what was called dirty cocaine and mixing it with other substances, coming up with a synthesised chemical, which they then mixed with flour and made their drug brownie cookies, which at the end give them a similar effect or even more.

Our communities are not spared either, as this has turned to be the drug of choice for our youths and also the adult group.

The youths call it the diplomatic use of drugs in which, your activities are not detected, and you can just have your scone even in the presence of your parents or your teachers at school without them knowing or noticing as also it does not give away the smell of any drug so even if they smell clothes for any drug use l am clean.

It does not leave any residues like stubs, liquid drops and so my use remains undetected.

Others say they are subject to prosecution as its use is hard to detect.

The adult group because of tolerance, dependency and addiction to other drugs have picked the skunk cake as a drug of choice as they say its odourless, as some of the substances they use or the alcohol smell itself puts them off, they also have the same reasons like the youth that, they are not prone to police arrest and also even friends and family members cannot tell if they are using or not.

The skunk cake is a mode of poly drugging as a number of drugs are put together to make this cake or scone. I did my under cover to find out what our local skunk or space cake as it is affectionately and this was my discovery, marijuana (mbanje) ngoma (cough mixture), amphetamine tablets (kiddie cocaine), some thinners liquid and also some opioids (strong painkillers).

To be continued . . .

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