New aphrodisiac hits Vic fallS, Hwange

Fairness Moyana
A sex enhancing drug from the Democratic Republic of Congo has hit Hwange and Victoria Falls towns with the illicit sex booster selling like hot cakes.

The drug, which is commonly referred to locally as Congo dust, is reportedly being smuggled into the country by long distance truck drivers from DRC and is popular among sex workers and drivers at Hwange and Vic Falls truck stops.

According to a truck driver, who spoke to B-Metro, the aphrodisiac which is rubbed on the male organ results in lengthy sex sessions.

a�?This drug is very powerful. When applied you can enjoy lengthy sessions which is value for your money. We are talking about lasting for hours. Even if you have problem of maintaining an erection this is the one for you,a�? said one Congolese driver who was marketing the product to this reporter.

Some, who are alleged to have used Congo dust spoke highly of the aphrodisiac, arguing that it had assisted some with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation turning their bedroom sorrows into overnight bouts of joy.

a�?My wives are ecstatic about my renewed strength in bed considering that I have to satisfy four women. This drug has worked wonders for me,a�? boasted one truck driver known as Madzibaba Amos from Masvingo.

A packet of the drug which comes in many varieties cost between $1 and $3.

Sex workers, who have accustomed themselves to the drug, said they apply the powdery substance on their private parts which tighten them for maximum pleasure for their clients.

a�?Since I started using the powder my customer base has increased. It works wonders by making me feel like a virgin which most men want anyway. Of course that is likely to change as more people are now using Congo dust in a bid to attract clients,a�? said one sex worker who preferred to be called Karen.

Another sex worker, who operates from the Hwange and Vic Falls truck stops, said the drug, which is a hit in both towns, was being sought after by married couples who wanted to enhance their bedroom performances.

a�?Many people think this drug is being used by us only or truck drivers but thata��s not the case, we have been approached by some married men and women inquiring about Congo dust,a�? she said.

Truck drivers who sell the drug said it did not have side-effects as it was for external use only.

The surfacing of the aphrodisiac has attracted criticism from health organisations such as National Aids Council (NAC) who have warned against the use of unapproved substances which result in the fuelling of the HIV transmission and spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

a�?We are very worried about this drug a�� Congo dust a�� which doesna��t only cause bodily harm through the drying effects of the drug on the female genital but promotes the spread of HIV in the long run. We are holding sensitisation meetings with truck drivers and sex workers to warn them about the dangers of using untested sexual enhancers,a�? said an official from NAC who refused to be named.

The inscription on the packet of Congo dust reads: a�?For external use only. Honeymoon is good. No harm to diabetic or BP patients, use it just take advantage. No side effects.a�? buy cilais through pay pal.