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Never forget Fathera��s Day

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

FATHERa��S Day was designed to honour the men who acknowledge their children and hold their roles as dads in high regard!

I was really disappointed with the results I got on Monday morning after Fathera��s Day when I checked from my friends, colleagues and relatives on how their Sunday (Fathera��s Day) had been. Some did not even know that it had been their day and those who were aware were disappointed because their partners had not said or done anything on that special day.

Sisters, if you never did or said anything to your partner then know that you have to pull up your stockings and pay up because by going silent you sent a big message. It is as if you were saying the man in your life is not worth to be celebrated or does not deserve it.

Believe me, those very small things do matter in a relationship! I know women are so particular with their birthdays, anniversaries and the Mothera��s Day. Why then do you choose to ignore Fathera��s Day.

Anyway before I go any further, thumbs up to all those who remembered the day and made their partners feel like real men.

I know someone might try to come up with excuses on why they ignored the day, but better keep that to yourself because I believe no matter your partnera��s weaknesses, he has some characteristics you can cherish and might be the reason you are still together.

Sisters, you should know that men need to be loved, cared for just as much as you do. Shower your partner with love and see for yourself the outcome. You know at times when you observe a certain couple from a distance, you realise that love has faded away from the way they speak and do their things. As a woman, even after marriage do not relax telling yourself that he is all yours because love needs to be cultivated, do not let it die!

Become your husbanda��s dream girl. Your husband should take you as his dream girl and exciting wife. If you become a careful and thrilling wife, believe me, no one will ever be able to snatch your husband. You know at times some women invite divorce for themselves by having a carefree attitude. Everyone needs to be loved.

Sisters, strive to be your partnera��s wife and mistress. Let me remind you what a mistress does. A mistress will never forget Fathera��s Day or his birthday, why? They know that a mana��s ego counts and showing him how much he is appreciated, it makes him feel good and want to do everything that keeps you happy.

Let there be joy in the house, do everything with love and happiness!

When you want to be the only wife and mistress in your husbanda��s life learn to treat him like a baby or job. I know most women will do anything to keep their jobs and will go out of their way to make sure that their children are happy. The way you treat these two should also be applied when it comes to the man in your life.

All those who forgot Fathera��s Day, it is not yet late to celebrate as we are still in the month of June. You do not need money for the celebrations, but just come up with a good idea and do something unique which will make him know that he is the a�?real man.a��

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I would like to say am so glad there is someone out there who is passionate about helping couples. God bless you auntie because you are saving marriages. Your articles are always spot on. You wrote about openness, sex positions and how men love to be seduced, not to be shy to discuss sex. It was all true, I like.

I just want to thank you for the column. The problem with men is that they count sex rounds based on their coming not on mutual come. If I didna��t have an orgasm, we cannot say it was a round. If a woman does not reach orgasm, it is not a round.

A quickie! I used to tell my wife to go and get a file from the bedroom pretending to have forgotten it and needed it for work, we would be reversing the car to go to work, hence she would shout that she couldna��t find it. I would leave the car idling and follow her to the bedroom, we would then start kissing and make immediate hard thrusting love to her. After such a session, she would spend the whole day at work thinking of me and phoning promising to revenge after work.

A quickie is healthy by any means, but how many married guys ever get laid that way. Ladies are not that sexy except when they want something. They are in most cases grumpy and never live up to mana��s expectations, am talking from experience and know that men dona��t have it that easy in most marriages.

Also if you could teach our young ladies to be very active and wild in bedrooms. They are so weak and lazy, they must explore our bodies and be free to be explored too e.g. blowjobs or play orally till the man passes out. That is the reason men prefer prostitutes because they have got nothing to hide.

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