Tendai Ndoro traveling back to Saudi Arabia with his missrus

Ndoro proposes. . . infront of mom

Fungai Muderere
OUT with the old, in with the new!

a�?Focus is on the way forward. History belongs to the past and this is my biggest moment,a�? Tendai Ndoro told B-Metro as he chose to marry a new wife.

A fortnight ago, this publication ran a story about the footie stara��s ex-wife Zinhle who poured her heart out after the player decided to leave her.

Now with a new job in Saudi Arabia where he is expected to bang goals, he has also found new love.

He proposed marriage to Patience Ndlovu in style and the moment was captured on Facebook Live.

a�?I flew all the way from Saudi for this BIG step in my life. It was a surprise, no one knew I was coming. I say thank you to my family and friends for your support.A� Thank you, thank you mama (mother) for the blessings #GODisGREAT,a�? he said.

Ndoro is a hopeless romantic.

a�?I have found the one whom my soul lovesa�s therefore what God has joined together let no man separate. With this ringa�s I give you my heart. I promise from this day forward you will never walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your homea�sa�? he wrote on his Facebook page.