Tendai Ndoro

Ndoro in fake papers scandal… will he sufferTich Mataz Fate

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TWENTY years ago a�� in perhaps one of the most embarrassing episodes in the life of an entertainment guru of that time a�� Tich Mataz was deported from South Africa.

What was his crime?

The man christened Tichafa Matambanadzo was given 24 hours to leave Mzansi after that countrya��s home affairs department discovered that he had fraudulently acquired a South African identity document.

Tich Mataz

Tich Mataz

Apparently, Mataz had no valid working permit either.

While many screamed xenophobia when the Zimbabwean, who had successfully climbed the ladder in both business and showbiz, was booted out, South African Home Affairs officials stood their ground.

Fast forward to August 2018, another Zimbabwean celebrity finds himself accused of possessing fraudulent documents that might land him in hot soup.

There are claims that soccer star Tendai Ndoroa��s marriage certificate solemnising his marriage to wife a�� Thando Maseko a�� is, in fact, fake.

The footie claims he only married in a traditional ceremony in December and has no knowledge of a marriageA� certificate that legally binds him to Maseko.

B-Metro Sport sought the comment of a Home Affairs Department official on the course of action taken against foreign individuals found to be in possession of fraudulent documents.

a�?The Home Affairs Department, through its inspectorate and immigration services, has a duty to ensure that persons in South Africa are correctly documented, reside in the country on a lawful basis and acquire documents and status lawfully.

a�?So in that regard, the department has standardised systems relating to the detection, detention and deportation of illegal foreign nationals in South Africa.

a�?The case you are talking about (Ndoroa��s) will be investigated thoroughly, just like any other case, and appropriate action will be taken,a�? said Lungile Mkhulise, the district manager for the Johannesburg Home Affairs Department.

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