Baba Madziwa

Naked witch: Church speaks out

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
IT has been confirmed that the naked woman who caused a stir in Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb last week was a self-confessed witch who feasted on babies and at one time even tried to eat a live baby during a church service after developing vampire-like teeth.

The leader of Kudanwa Kwavapostori Apostolic Church in Pumula East Baba Madziwa revealed that Ntini was a self-confessed witch who joined their church recently saying she needed deliverance.

“The woman came to our church saying she needs help as she has been to a numerous number of prophets, but they all failed to help her.

“She revealed that she was initiated by her grandmother into witchcraft, but she was tired and needed deliverance.

“After praying for her, she started to manifest and took off all clothes starting to do what she does at night,” said Baba Madziwa.

When she came to church for the second time, she stripped naked again before snatching a three-month-old baby from its mother and attempting to eat it alive.

“On the second week, when we were praying she stripped before developing vampire teeth and then snatched a baby from its mother.

“Fortunately, the congregants managed to take away the baby,” he said.

It is reported that on the day in question she then confessed that she bewitched many babies and feasted on them including one of a church member who was once her neighbour.

It was then agreed that a day should be set when Ntini should bring all her juju, but she never turned up for all-night prayers which were held.

“Ntini never turned up for the pungwe, but we sent one person to go and fetch her. It is the day when she stripped and ran to the Pumula Old house with the intention of collecting all her juju.

“It is unfortunate that we got disturbed as residents called police,” he said.

It is reported that after the incident, Ntini has not attended any church service.

“If only she came to church, we were going to set her free, but it seems she has decided otherwise and we cannot force her,” said Baba Madziwa.

Ntini shocked Pumula residents when she sprinted naked from Pumula North to Old  citing that she wanted to exhume alleged human skulls.