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Mystery attacks paralyse schoolgirls

Hazel Marimbiza
IN a suspected case of witchcraft, three female pupils became paralysed after they were mysteriously struck by lightning in daylight at school.

The girls who were enrolled at Whitewaters High School (ABOVE), and reside in different parts of Kezi in Matabeleland South are said to have dropped out of school.

The lightning, which was visible only to them, struck each one of the girls on separate days leaving their right arms trembling and twitching permanently.

Sources told B-Metro that 15 female pupils were affected but that some had since recovered.

The mysterious lightning is reported to be targeting female pupils only. It strikes them when they are at school during classes.

When struck, the victims’ arms tremble continuously then they can’t write properly forcing them to drop out of school.

One of the three parents whose children were the most affected said her daughter was struck by lightning that only she saw.

“I was shocked when my daughter (in Form 3) came home with a trembling arm. We could not control the arm as it was vigorously shaking forth and backwards. When we questioned her she said during lesson time she saw something like lightning which struck her arm but it was only seen by her.

“We did not understand this so we decided to take her to the clinic but it was all in vain. We later took her to some prophets. They told us it was a result of witchcraft which was being practised at the school. They prayed for her but her arm is still shaking as we speak. She can’t go to school now.

“After the incident my daughter has vowed never to go back to that school. She is afraid,” said Pauline Dube.

Another parent whose child suffered the same fate said the school only advised them to take their children to hospital and bring them back to school when healed.

Gogo MaSibanda, whose granddaughter was also struck by the mysterious “lightning” told a similar story but her grandchild’s arm became painful.

Gogo MaSibanda

Gogo MaSibanda

“She could not hold anything with that arm. It was painful,” she said, adding that her granddaughter no longer goes to school.

Another parent said what angered him was that no one took responsibility.

“As parents we really wish a cleansing ceremony can be done at the school to help our girls. This could be a result of witchcraft but we are afraid to even approach the school about the issue. About 15 girls have been affected. It is better for some who have managed to get help and be completely healed but some of our girls have lived with the pain to an extent of dropping out of school,” said Herbert Sola.

Villagers fear their children enrolled at the school could be the next victims.

The headmaster of the school a Mr T Ncube said he did not have authority to talk to the Press.

“If only I had permission to talk I would give you information but I am not authorised to do so,” said Ncube.

The provincial education director for Matabeleland South Tumisang Thabela said she was not aware of the matter.