Patricia Mlambo

a�?My granny groomed me to be witchcraft guru…. . . Confesses teen after being nabbed naked on mission to kill

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A 19-YEAR-OLD woman was caught naked at a fellow villagera��s homestead in Ngundu, Masvingo province, on a mission to a�?finish offa�? a woman on her deathbed.

Patricia Mlambo was trapped by a local prophet Madzibaba Blessing inside Elisa Mangenaa��s compound. She failed to leave the premises until the Mangena family woke up in the morning to see a stark naked Mlambo.

As part of evidence that they had caught an alleged witch they recorded her using smartphones at the same time asking her what she was doing at the homestead naked. Having been cornered, Mlambo confessed to being a cannibal with nine years experience.

a�?My grandmother, Essie Mlambo groomed me to be this good. We started going together when I was 10. At first l did not understand. I was confused about the whole thing. But now I cannot tell how many people I have killed,a�? she said on camera.

The target, Mangena, told B-Metro that she was appalled that a young child was converted into witchcraft more than that she could be a victim.

a�?I dona��t understand why an elderly woman like Essie would do such a disgusting thing to her granddaughter,a�? said Mangena.

While the rest of the villagers on site were in shock, Mlambo, still naked, did not show any sign of fear or embarrassment. Her grandmother was summoned and on video she said what they (witches) did was within their right.

a�?Patricia is my granddaughter and we have the right to do as we please. We are together in this,a�? she said.

The grandmother and granddaughter crew left the village without being banished, fearing for their safety.

Chief Chitunga from the area said the matter was not brought before him but he was aware of it.

a�?No one reported it to me so I left it at that. I only involve myself where therea��s a report,a�? he said. viagra online australia paypal.