Munya Chidzonga now a man

Bruce Ndlovu
The Diamond Boy becomes a man!
. . . How fatherhood has changed Chidzonga

During his storied stay in the Big Brother house in 2008, Munya Chidzonga acquired a reputation as the housea��s resident bad boy, a reputation that was largely responsible for carrying him to the final day of the show.

Angry bust ups with other housemates, romances and flings were the hallmark of the baby faced Chidzonga who not only became arguable Zimbabwea��s most loved Big Brother candidate ever, but a darling of viewers around the continent as well.

Now five years later the Big Brother Africa reality show is on its knees and Chidzonga has gone on to carve out a career for himself as a respected actor in theatre and film.

Most importantly he is now a husband, having married 2008 Idols East Africa finalist Adiona Maboreke.

Chidzonga and Maboreke celebrated the third year anniversary of their marriage last month, only two months after the birth of their second son.

Diwai Edwin Jr Makanaka Chidzonga joined five year old Pfumai as the couplea��s second a�?diamonda�?.

Talking to B-Metro this week, Chidzonga said that his marriage and the birth of his two sons had changed his outlook in life, as he was no longer the bad boy that many thought he was during his pre marital days.

a�?Marriage has been a fascinating journey for me. The first thing I would say is that I am no longer a boy because I really feel like a man now. I have always had this reputation of being a bad boy but marriage has really turned my life and behaviour for the better,a�? he said.

Chidzonga added that he was now beginning to take into account the advice that his own father had given him while growing up, which he had mostly ignored at the time.

a�?I have always said that if I am half the man that my father is I will have achieved my mission in life. I really appreciate the way that he and my mum raised me and I am still very close to both of them. My father always emphasised on relationships and that is what I want to teach my sons,a�? he said.

Chidzonga said that he will also adopt a disciplinarian stance with his children, as his father had done with him.

a�?I firmly believe that if you spare the rod then you spoil the child. My father was a disciplinarian and that is what I also want to be to my children,a�? he said.

Chidzonga added that seeing his two sons exhibit some of his traits was bittersweet, as it reminded him of how much he tormented his parents in his younger days.

a�?Pfumai is strong willed and hard headed like me but he is a warmer person and I am happy that he has most of my wifea��s attributes. The second one, young as he is, seems to have more of my characteristics and that is both exciting and scary for me at the same time because I know what I was like growing up,a�? he said.

Chidzonga said that although he wouldna��t advise his sons against participating on a show like Big Brother, he would tell them there are other, less dramatic ways for one to achieve fame.