Mum wants dead daughtera��s eggs

A MOTHER desperate for a grandchild launches court bit to gain possession of her dead daughtera��s frozen eggs.

The woman (59), and her 58-year-old husband are challenging a refusal made by an independent regulator to allow them to take the eggs to a fertility treatment clinic in the US.

The womana��s daughter had her eggs frozen after being diagnosed with bowel cancer but died before she herself could use the eggs to have children.

According to the Mirror, it was the daughtera��s dying wish for her eggs to be fertilised by donor sperm and implanted into her mothera��s womb.

A New York fertility clinic has offered to provide fertility treatment.

There are only a handful of cases worldwide in which a woman has become a surrogate for her own daughtera��s child.

Fertility expert Dr Mohammed Taranissi, who runs the ARGC clinic in London, said that he had never heard of a case like that and believes that that may be a world first. a�� Sowetan lopressor.