Theresa Makoni

Mum, son in sexual relationship? . . . in-law stumbles on a�?love messagesa��

TENSION is simmering within a family in Mzilikazi, Bulawayo, following incest allegations that a man is double-crossing his wife with his mother.

The stunning revelations emerged on Friday last week at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Letwin Gwatidzo had dragged her daughter-in-law Theresa Makoni seeking a protection order against her saying she was verbally and physically abusing her.

Gwatidzo said Makoni was abusing her after she suspected that she was involved in a sexual relationship with her son. Gwatidzo and Makoni are staying together at Ntabazinduna Flats.

a�?Theresa Makoni is my daughter-in- law and she has gone violent at home as she is in the habit of verbally and physically abusing me. We are not on talking terms. From the time we started staying together she has greeted me five times. She suspects that I am having an affair with her husband who is also my son. She is claiming that her husband was sending love messages to me. She is also insulting me with vulgar language in front of children saying I am a prostitute. At one point she threatened to assault me with a sjambok and she was restrained by her husband. What my daughter-in- law is doing to me is very disturbing and I am seeking a protection order against her,a�? said Gwatidzo.

In response, although Makoni dismissed some of her mother-in-lawa��s claims, she said she only became suspicious after she stumbled upon some a�?lovea�? messages her husband was exchanging with his mother.

a�?I do not agree with what she said. Problems between us only started after I asked her about the outstanding water and electricity bills and that is when she insulted me saying I was not respecting her. I never attempted to assault her with a sjambok or labelled her a prostitute. I only became suspicious after I stumbled upon some of the messages my husband was sending to the applicant,a�? she said.

The two parties were, however, ordered by the presiding magistrate, Marylene Mtshina, to keep peace between each other by not physically or verbally abuse each other. viagra online store.

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    Love you so much Mum ! Cannot do without you mum ! I cannot sleep when I think about the way you cared for me for all these years. You are the only woman mum. Lol !

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    or maybe this guy saved a girlfriend’s number as ‘Mum’…….