Mum sells baby for R4 000, spends money on booze

A 34-year-old woman from Katlehong, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, has confessed to selling her baby for R4 000.
She told local chief, Richard Mdlalose, that her six-month-old baby boy was allegedly in the custody of Nomsa Khumalo (25), in Bergville, KZN.

a�?We had nowhere to stay and we spent many nights sleeping in the veld so I decided to sell my child for R4 000,a�? she told the chief.

Mdlalose asked her what she did with the money.
a�?I bought booze. I have too much stress in my life. All I wanted was to forget my troubles.a�?

She said she sold her son because she wants the best for him and wants him to get love and attention. a�?I know what I did was wrong and I feel guilty about it,a�? she said.

But Sbongile Mokoena, a neighbour, said the childa��s mother has just been having a good time.
a�?Shea��s been drinking and dancing in the local tavern as if she has no kids,a�? she said.

a�?Shea��s been spending money and buying booze as if she has no responsibilities. We didna��t know where the money came from but now we know she sold her son so she could buy booze.a�?

Sbongile said the child must be brought back to the womana��s family so they can take care of him. a�?This is an evil woman,a�? she said.

The womana��s aunt said she was under the impression the child was with his mother and father in Katlehong.

a�?She has disgraced our family,a�? said the aunt.
a�?She should have taken the baby to her grandmother at KwaNongoma in KZN. We already support the other three children. Now the boy is in the hands of strangers.a�?

Nomsa Khumalo denied buying the baby.
a�?I took the baby because I saw the mother and child were suffering and sleeping in the veld.

My arrangement was that I would keep the child until his mother had sorted out a place to stay,a�? she said.

She said she will look for the mothera��s family to return the child.
a�?I regret helping her. I was practising ubuntu but now people accuse me of being a thief.a�?

While the mother told Daily Sun the baby went to Nomsa in June, a neighbour has claimed that the baby was only sold last Tuesday.

Katlehong police spokesman Captain Mega Ndobe said a case of child neglect has been opened.

He said the mother of the baby has been arrested and will appear in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. a�� Dailysun cilais.