Kudzai Chikomo

Multi-media Box rooted in Mzansi Magic

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A few years back when M-Net through their Mzansi Magic brand announced they were coming to Zimbabwe, I swear most of us saw it as a one- night stand.

Fast forward a few years we have watched Lost Letter by Mhle Nzima and Jaiva Sibone by Kudzai Chikomo. Well, guess what Kudzai Chikomo has another production due for screening tomorrow!

I am tempted to say his quality works have found favour with Mzansi Magic. The very upside of this is that Zimbabwean works are getting exposure.

Kudzisa�� next offing is titled Stealers and was written by Nkosilesisa Ncube and was directed by Raisedon Baya. It also has an amazing cast that includes award winning Zenzo Nyathi , Sandra Ndebele, Sam Malete, Paula P Ndlovu, Ishmael Muvingi, Memory Kumbota and I. The film is produced by Kudzai Chikomo and Robson Murambiwa who were ably assisted by Johane Mpofu, Chipo Mawarire, Selina Moyo, Matesu Dube and Nomakhosonke Sithole.

The film begins with a burglar looking through Sandia��s gate and into her home, already his sense of envy over what she has established.

Inside Sandi is introduced in a conversation with her mother NaSandi, in which NaSandi unceremoniously invites herself over to Sandia��s house to meet her boyfriend who she heard about through family gossip.

Sandi reluctantly lets her mother come over but then remembers that she and the said boyfriend, Michael had a huge fight and have not been talking for a while. She calls Michael in a desperate bid to have him come meet her mother and Michael snubs her. She goes off to work and the burglar breaks into her house in her absence.

While the burglar is in the house, another person comes in, an intruder, also to steal from Sandi.

The two have an argument over whose territory this is and eventually the burglar decides to leave. On his way out, he runs into NaSandi who has just arrived and automatically assumes that the burglar is Shaddy, the boy who watches Sandia��s house.

They proceed to the house and upon seeing the intruder, NaSandi again automatically assumes that he is the boyfriend that she is supposed to meet.

All this while, Sandi is at work, worrying about how to get through to Michael but her friend Nono advises her against calling him again as she will come off as clingy and needy. Michael eventually calls Sandi but in vain because her phone battery is flat.

At home, NaSandi gets along very well with the burglar but starts picking up on undesirable character traits from the intruder that she deems unsuitable for her daughter, the lies that the burglar keeps telling about the intruder do little to help the situation.

The two men eventually come up with an escape plan to leave the house right after dinner and right before Sandi comes home. As they try to make their great escape, Michael comes into the house, shocked to find three strangers in his girlfrienda��s house.

NaSandi explains that the intruder is Sandia��s boyfriend and Michael is understandably broken, and waits for Sandi to come home and explain herself. Meanwhile Sandi has been having car trouble and asks Nono to drop her off at home.

Sandi walks into her house to find her mother, her boyfriend and two strangers in her house. Before she can straighten out the issue with the strangers, Michael drags her outside so they can talk.

The intruder follows, saying that he too will fight for a�?his girla�? and asks the burglar to come with him for a�?moral supporta�?. Outside, Mike says he cannot stand to see Sandi with another man and vows to step up as a boyfriend and even proposes to her. The two are instantly engaged.

Inside the house, Nono and NaSandi realise that the story with the burglar and intruder does not add up and soon realise that the two are thieves. However, by the time they discover this, they are long gone.

Until next week, be safe . . .
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