Previous winner William Masvinu and  reigning Mr Ugly Maison Sere

Mr ugly, the return

Bruce Ndlovu
After failing to host the event last year, organisers of the Mr Ugly pageant are gearing for this yeara��s provincial finals which are set to kick off next month.

Followers of the comic a�?beauty pageanta�? will be pleased to know that after a yeara��s hiatus, the search for the ugliest man in Zimbabwe resumes at Club Mandisa in Mutare, at a date yet to be finalised.

Although the competition grabbed worldwide headlines in 2015, organisers were unable to use that momentum to their advantage last year, taking a one year sabbatical as they grappled to find sponsorship.

Instead, South Africa held its own version of the competition, makingA�A�A�A�A� use of Zimbabwea��s unique concept.

In an interview, the competitiona��s founder and organiser David a�?Apamaa�? Machowa said that they were onA�A�A�A�A� course to begin this yeara��s provincial finals.

a�?So far we have managed to secure eight venues for the provincial finals with only two remaining. With that being the case I can safely say that the competition will go head because we can start with or without the remaining two provinces,a�? he said.

With this yeara��s competition sponsored by Lifestyle Centre Furniturea��s, Machowa said the final would take place in the immediate aftermath of the provincial competition.

a�?Ia��m confident that by October we shall be ready to go into the final competition,a�? he said.

Machowa added that he was still hopeful of hosting the Mr Ugly Africa contest, which he will organise personally despite the fact that it would be held in South Africa.