Mother charged over childa��s murder

THE Zimbabwean mother of a schoolboy found dead at his home in the small Scottish town of Alva has been charged with assault and murder in the UK.An order was made at Alloa Sheriff Court to hold Farai Chirashi (32), under mental health legislation.

The order, which can only be made by the court on the evidence of a doctor, allows for a person to be detained in hospital for up to 28 days to enable assessment by an appointed medical practitioner and for treatment for any mental disorder, if required.

Under the legislation, the appointed doctor must report back to the court on the accuseda��s mental condition within 28 days of the order being made so the court can decide how best to proceed.

Faraia��s five-year-old son Scott was found dead from a a�?significant injurya�? at his home in Carnaughton Place last Friday.

Emergency service sources said he suffered a a�?sickening and violent death.a�?

She was not present for the brief private court hearing on Wednesday, and no plea was made. The case was continued for examination. Farai is understood to originally be from Zimbabwe. The family was said to have lived in the Clackmannanshire town for many years. – Online.

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