MOST WANTED: Enzo Ishal fully booked till august

Keith Mlauzi

EVERYBODY wants a piece of Magate!

Maybe not sixty or seventy but Enzo Ishall is pushing big figures as the most sought after artiste. With barely three hot tracks with the first Kanjiva released in September last year, he is set for back-to-back shows in Bulawayo where his other two tracks Magate and Smart Rinotangira Kutsoka are public favourites.

“We had been trying to get Enzo since last year December but he was fully booked. We only managed to get him to come through this year which explains why he has two consecutive shows in Bulawayo,” said Terminator Makoni, the promoter bringing him to Bulawayo.

After Bulawayo, Enzo will only manage to breathe in August because of a tight schedule that will take him overseas.

“Enzo is currently fully booked until August. All these shows have been paid for and we have five international gigs,” said the artiste’s manager Levels.

He does not come cheap at US$1 000 which translates to $4 000 in bond notes on the black market.

It seems the Magate man is one story of an overnight success.

With just three hit songs on decks Enzo Ishall has earned himself a badge of the most wanted artiste in the Zimbabwean and international showbiz scenes.

Ishall came into the spotlight in September last year after releasing Kanjiva which became the December dance.

Promoters from all corners are in a rush to have the man of the moment in their corners.

In Bulawayo Ishall has been booked two times in a role the respective promoters of the artiste have admitted to have been in a rush to at least get Ishall come over to the city.

“Ishall’s manager referred to as Levels agreed with Makoni’s claims adding that Enzo was now a busy artiste and was currently fully booked until August.

Enzo will be live at local club Vista this weekend and will return on 23 February to share the stage with South African top of the charts man Mlindo of the AmaBlesser fame.