Police officers collect Oliver Tatiwa’s remains on Wednesday last week. Inset: Oliver Tatiwa

More details on petrol bomb victim

Police officers collect Oliver Tatiwaa��s remains on Wednesday last week. Inset: Oliver Tatiwa

apotheke_cialis_schweiz. Police officers collect Oliver Tatiwaa��s remains on Wednesday last week. Inset: Oliver Tatiwa

DISTURBING details of a Bulawayo man who was burnt to death last week when he allegedly petrol-bombed a house while trying to kill his estranged girlfriend in Sauerstown suburb have emerged.
It has emerged from the court documents in possession of B-Metro that the deceased Oliver Tatiwa (35) was an a�?abusive and violent mana�? who had vainly tried to kill his ex-girlfriend Cherelle Ncube (22) on several occasions.

It is alleged that at one time he drove his former girlfriend of five years to the bush where he attempted to strangle her with a scarf.

Tatiwa allegedly met his fate barely a week after Ncube was a�?successfullya�? granted a protection order which compelled him not to physically and verbally abuse her.

According to an affidavit which Ncube surrendered at the Bulawayo Civil Court while seeking a protection order against Tatiwa, a week before the tragic incident, she stated that her ex-boyfriend was always beating her for no apparent reason.

However, Ncube supposedly irked her ex-boyfriend after she declared before the court that she was no longer willing to see him anywhere near her and their 11-month-old baby.

a�?Oliver is the father of my child. He has since become violent and abusive as he is always beating me up for no apparent reason. At one time he drove me to the bush and began to assault me. The last incident was on 25 June when he strangled me with a scarf nearly choking me to death until the scarf tore apart.

a�?He went on to take an electric cable which he used to assault me with. I tried to flee holding our 11-months-old baby only to find the door locked. As a result he went on dragging me on the floor with no regard for the baby. He then attempted to kiss me but I fought back by biting him on his lips. Because of his abusive behaviour I no longer want to see him anywhere near me and our daughter,a�? said Ncube in her affidavit.

In response Tatiwa did not dispute the applicanta��s claims before he agreed to keep a peaceful relationship with her.

However, on 7 August Tatiwa who seemed to have been annoyed by the peace order which was granted in favour of her girlfriend, went to her house around midnight and attacked two occupants using a pick before he started the fire.
A few hours before the inferno, Tatiwa had allegedly threatened Ncube on the phone, saying he was coming to take away everything from her, including her life.

Living true to his threats, the house, which had five occupants, was completely destroyed by the blaze after Tatiwa threw a burning container filled with petrol into Ncubea��s bedroom through the ceiling, narrowly missing her and the baby.