Tendai Makion

Money, stolen pleasure and silence: Construction firm boss destroys employeea��s marriage

Siphathisiwe Tshuma
HE who pays the piper sets the tune!

Vincent was allegedly fired by his boss the owner of Murwisi Building Construction Company, Tendai Makion because he was a�?causing a lot of problems at worka�?.

a�?He was becoming too much of a nuisance causing instability,a�? Makion said.

However, it turns out Vincent was fired for ratting out on his boss who was in a love relationship with an employeea��s wife.

a�?He fired me because I told a colleague that he was dating the guya��s wife,a�? said Vincent.

Debate Tshuma

Debate Tshuma

After Vincent was fired, Makion knowing that the said employee, William Takaindisa Takawira had got wind of the affair allegedly bought his silence.

Vincent added:

a�?After Makion noticed that Takawira was aware of his affair with Debate Tshuma, Makion started being nicer to him. He even started a chicken project for him,a�? Vincent said.

Makion confirmed starting a business for Takawira but claims it had nothing to do with Tshuma.

a�?I funded his chicken project because hea��s a good employee,a�? he said.

Therea��s no smoke without fire. Tshuma, despite denying being in a relationship with her husbanda��s boss, confirmed that he was after her.

a�?Despite the fact that Makion is married, he was after me and many other women I know. He ordered my husband to give him my number claiming that he will notify him through my phone about their late payments,a�? she said.

But never the one to keep a secret, Makion confirmed to B Metro that he was actually in love with Tshuma.

a�?It is true that am in a relationship with Tshuma but I did not see her in my company but somewhere where she was marketing her business,a�? said Makion.