Mkwaiwaa��s wives disowned


Prospera��s wives Tina Dlangwana seated and Tina Jaxa standing

DECEASED businessman Prosper Mkwaiwaa��s family says it will not recognise either Tina Jaxa or Tina Dlangwana as his rightful wife as neither qualifies.
Melanie Mkwaiwa, sister to Prosper, said her family would divide the late businessman and music promotera��s estate as they saw fit and not through courts.

Speaking to Drum magazine, Melanie said her brother died alone as neither Jaxa or Dlangwana were with him at the time of his death. She said the family were grateful to Jaxa as she had borne and partially raised Prospera��s two sons, however, they separated a long time ago. Of Dlangwana,

Melanie said she too was not Prospera��s rightful wife.

a�?If she was there by Prospera��s side we would have respected that but she had left. Tina Dlangwana had taken everything when she moved out.

There were no plates or cutlery. We had to buy new things for the funeral,a�? said Melanie.

While Jaxa refused to comment, Dlangwana was more vocal. Blasting Jaxa for apparently arriving at Mkwaiwaa��s in a foul smelling blanket, an upset Dlangwana said: a�?If the family refuses to recognise me then they are foolish.a�? a�� timeslive.co.za