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Mixed feelings over love bites

Danisa Masuku estrotab efectos secundarios. -TO begin with, Upbeat likes to express ita��s gratitude to readers for varied comments and views. It is worthwhile to say this column is as it is because of your contribution.

Last week l had a long chat with one avid follower of Upbeat via WhatsApp over the issue of love bites or marks on the body put by loved ones on a special part of the body.

Love bites are a mark of passion often done when the kissing levels reach climax. Some sociologists define it as the kiss mark on the cheek and it can be in different colours depending on the complexion of the recipienta��s skin.

The question is why do people inscribe love bite marks? In a bid to come up with a sound explanation, different people expressed mixed views on why they suck the life out of their partners in an act of passion.

Some feel this is done by those who feel insecure in a relationship, while some are of the opinion that the mark is put in a bid to express deep love to their loved ones, after an intimate session.

Joyce Nkomo argued that a love bite or a mark is usually done by those who feel insecure in a relationship.

a�?I for one feel that a person who inscribes a mark on her partner would be insecure and afraid that someone would snatch her lover. So to avoid disappointment he will inscribe a mark such as a letter of his name so that his lover would not be snatched,a�? said Nkomo.

She added: a�?It is usually put by men who feel that their better half or lover is very beautiful and is the envy of many men.a�?

Mqondisi Ndlovu (23) disregards love bites and said it is usually done by people who do not trust their partners.

a�?l for one l feel one puts a mark on her love in most cases that person it is a sign that in the other partner lacks trust and fears that her partner might be in love with other partners,a�? he said.

Sihle Tshuma taking a different path believes that a love bite ita��s an act of passion, and considering that it only lasts for a week she added that ita��s not an effective barricade for lurking women or men.

a�?When it comes to love bites, people quickly jump to conclude that women are the recipients, while men as well can receive love bites. This is an act of love not of mistrust, if someone is doing it for trust issues, then they are mistaken, it simple wona��t achieve anything in that regarda�? she explained.

Some argued that love bite strengthens relationships and builds mutual trust to both love birds while some feel that it makes one look sexy. Some of the youths do not want to be seen with a love bite as they fear the wrath of their parents.

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