Sarah Mpofu

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe finals finally come to Bulawayo

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The beauty of our Queens in Bulawayo is second to none in the country. Come 7 July 2018, 23 jaw dropping beauties will take to the ramp for the ticket to represent Bulawayo at the 2018 edition of Miss Tourism Zimbabwe.

Miss Bulawayo and her princesses will then be part of the national finals, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe (MTZ) on 8 September 2018 in Bulawayo again.

I know there is probably a buzz with regards to elections already, with some constituencies and the presidency attracting 23 candidates which is the same number as the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Bulawayo competitions. The difference lies in that with MTZ ita��s friendly competition.

I am not really a fan of pageants, my last brush with the competitions was disastrous as I took Rachel, a childhood crush to Royal Hotel for a pageant and I practically spent all night looking for her after she left with another guy. Anyway thata��s a story for Facebook. So even though a part of African society has previously frowned at pageants, they are a huge business across the globe.

The Zimbabwean story will not be complete without one Sarah Mpofu Sibanda. We are not talking two cents investment here; we are talking 30 years of hard work for the modelling industry. We are talking crowns and crowns for a host of beauty queens, some who have even conquered the world.

So when Miss Tourism Zimbabwe had to move hands it was rightly given to Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda as its president. She boldly declared that the finals will be held here in Bulawayo. The last time the city hosted Miss Zimbabwe was in 2005 when Bulawayo girl Oslie Muringai Matsikenyeri was the eventual winner.

The tickets are already selling at $10 for an ordinary ticket and $20 for VIP tickets. generic viagra from india reviews. lilly cymbalta buy levothyroxine 50 mcg uk. .