Miss Environment Bulawayo on a mission

Miss Environment Bulawayo Nkanyeziyethu Malunga

Miss Environment Bulawayo Nkanyeziyethu Malunga

Victoria Mushunje
REIGNING Miss Environment Bulawayo Nkanyeziyethu Malunga (24) has disclosed that she ventured into the modelling world for a purpose, and is on a mission to fight discrimination against women. The beauty queen, entrepreneur and designer who hails from Bulawayoa��s high density suburb of Pelandaba said she embodies the tribulations of young women in the community.

a�?I am an entrepreneur and designer who was born and raised in Bulawayo. Nkanyeziyethu is a free spirited woman who loves all fashionable and classy things through African eyes. She embodies the tribulations of young women in the society.

a�?Being on the ramp was something I had always wanted to do when I was growing up. Ita��s a platform to strengthen a girla��s relationship with herself. If fully understood, modelling may be viewed as an antidote to the harsh challenges the world subjects women to,a�? she said.

Climate change and the role of human beings in the destruction of the ecosystem are what challenged her to take part in Miss Environment pageant.

a�?Miss Environment pageant was a platform to embark on an educational journey, one which would enable one to learn, share and practice. Furthermore, the water crisis in Bulawayo encouraged me to do an investigation as to what was causing the water shortages.

a�?It dawned in me that we were the catalysts. By practising stream bank farming we were fueling siltation. With this in mind, I was geared to alert residents on how they were causing this and how we can prevent it,a�? she said.

The beauty queen has been engaged in a number of environmental projects.
a�?As Miss Environment, I was able to kick start a programme that created awareness on the consequences of certain farming practices, such as stream bank farming, which leads to siltation. Furthermore, as a way of establishing a long term programme, where people may continue to acquire knowledge from, we met up with some organisations to start up a mobile library.

a�?Due to limited resources, the campaigns were limited to a few regions that included Emakhandeni, Entumbane and Gwabalanda. The campaigns where held in high density areas where the above mentioned farming practices are popular.

Malunga said she began her modelling journey at Townsend High School before taking part in Miss Environment Bulawayo.
a�?When modelling opportunities availed themselves I seized them. I first took part in modelling contests which were organised at school (Townsend). Then in 2012 during a semester break, I decided to take part in Miss Environment pageant,a�? said the catwalk queen.

Malunga, the last child in a family of 17 did her primary education at SOS Hermaine Gmeiner before moving to Thekwane High School and Townsend High School. She furthered her education at Tshwane University of Technology where she attained a degree in Human and Resources Management. The model who has ventured in the fashion world is a fashion designer for GANU creations which is a brand that embraces sophistication, class and edginess.