Minniea��s fight in the club! The other woman speaks

Presenter Minnie Dlamini beat up a woman in a club on her birthday. Now the mysterious woman, Ncumisa Mapukata, went on blast about her fight on Twitter. Sunday World reported that Minnie pummelled Ncumisa at the upmarket club, Kong, in Rosebank.

Mapukata claimed she was not contacted for a comment on why she got into a fist battle at Minniea��s 24th birthday celebration.

The mysterious sport administrator known as @Misa_Vuvulicious on twitter vented about not being given a chance to let her voice be heard.

a�?@MinnieDlamini I cana��t believe u took this to the papers when we both know the truth in all of this!a�? she wrote.
She added that Minnie knows why they fought at the nightclub.

a�?@SundayWorldZA FYI – Minnie knows exactly why we fought!!!! (sic)a�? she said.

Ncumisa didna��t stop there – she went further asking: @MinnieDlamini I wonder how you sleep at night? (sic)a�?
In an interesting reaction, Minnie didna��t reply to any of the tweets.

Sunday World quoted a statement from Minnie about the fight.

a�?Miss Dlamini confirms being struck by an empty bottle thrown at her by an assailant at Kong. At the time, Miss Dlamini was the guest of honour at the club, in celebration of her birthday.

a�?Miss Dlamini understands that the club and the SAPS, through diligent investigation, have been able to identify her attacker.

a�?She regrets this senseless and unprovoked attack.

a�?She cannot make any further comment as the matter is now in the capable hands of the SAPS and the National Prosecuting Authority.a�? – Sunday World

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