Mathias Mhere

Mhere seeks favour a��as new album fails to impress fans

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Gweru-bred gospel sensation Mathias Mhere who rose to fame with his Favour hit in 2012 seems to be seeking goodwill from his fans who shunned him after his fourth album Panogara Nyasha failed to win most of his fansa�� hearts.

The album was released last month at Hararea��s Seven Arts Theatre and only a handful of fans attended the show.

One of the reasons which caused the launch to be unsuccessful is that Mhere tried to move with time and accommodate a more sophisticated audience judging from the composition of his new 10-track offering.

Mhere tried to be classic and upgrade his sound which is good for the growth of any musician. However, his move seems to have upset most of his fans from the ghetto who supported Mhere from day one as they believe he has lost his sound in his new album.

Commenting on video site YouTube on one of the songs titled Sarafina, one fan Tafadzwa Chikari commented: a�?The sound is good but you have lost your trademark sound that we know,a�? perhaps the fans still wanted more of his identical sound which came with his first album Anoita Minana.

Defending the album, Mathias Mhere revealed his new album was just a way of improving himself as a singer.

a�?If you are a creative person you cana��t be stuck in one phase, I was moving with the current time and creativity thata��s why I introduced new instruments in the composition of the album like saxophones which are a new trend in gospel music,a�? said Mhere.

What can Mhere do to win back his lost fans?

Perhaps sticking to his natural sound which shot him to prominence with the hit Favour, might make the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association ambassador bounce back to his feet.

Again as the targeted audience of his new offering failed to support him as they boycotted the launch of the album, that should be a lesson to Mhere that he must stick and be satisfied with the low class fans who supported him from nothing to become one of the sought after gospel artiste he is today.

Meanwhile, despite the positive feedback from fans, Mhere revealed that he was promoting the album as he was doing roadshows across the country. He also said he had already taken the album to Mozambique where he revealed it received good feedback.

Plans of an American tour were also in the pipeline. reviews on new healthy man complaints.