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Meet the new Miss Gweru

ON 26 July the new queen of Gweru was crowned. This was after she successfully beat other 14 contestants in a pageant that was held in Cathedral hall in Gweru.
The winner was none other than Tapuwanashe Arimuzhu, a 23-year- old who just completed her Geography and Environmental studies degree with Midlands State University.

B-Metro reporter Sukoluhle Ndlovu (SN) caught up with the recently crowned Miss Gweru (TA).

SN: How do you feel after being crowned considering that the competition was stiff?
TA: I am really overwhelmed to be Miss Gweru and I am loving the attention. I look forward to the work that comes with it.

SN: As you were growing up did you always wanted to be model?
TA: Growing up l have always had a passion for modelling but was a bit shy so I never thought that one day I would be on stage and I concentrated more on my school work. I only started modelling last year after my friends said I should give it a try.

SN: Where do you get your inspiration from?
TA: My mother is my greatest inspiration. She is a caring and a selfless woman and she has taught me a lot.

SN: What are your future plans as far as modelling is concerned?
TA: I want to purse modelling and l want to go as far as I can. I will not limit myself to pageants only but I want to do photo shoots as well.

SN: As Miss Gweru what do you promise the Gweru community?
TA:A� As Miss Gweru I intend to do double work. I will not only do charity work but will also be doing environmental awareness campaigns. I will also be active in the citya��s activities.
Arimuzhu was born and bred in Gweru. She did her primary education at Riverside Primary School and she attended Thornhill High for her secondary education. She was born on 13 June 1991. viagra first class mail.