Meet Emganwini female kombi driver

Elliot Mindu
She does not take nonsense but treats everyone around her with respect. Meet Bulawayoa��s female commuter omnibus driverA� Nyaradzai Mawire.Mawire (40) is hardened from criticism as one of the few women to have crossed the threshold of the commuter transportA� industry in recent times creating her own legacy along the way.

Along the way she has earned the nickname a�?DeMbarea�? because of her undying love for soccer giants Dynamos. She plies the Emganwini-city route.

Successful in breaking stereotypes, Mawire decided to take to driving her blue Toyota Hiace commuter omnibus in 2013 having been let down by a driver who left her broke after getting involved in six successive accidents in 2012.

Since 2013, Mawire has never looked back. DeMbare, who has never been involved in an accident takes home a handsome average of $900 a month. She is a worker and she ties her success to her most trusted tout Onias Masawenyawo, who has been with her for two years.

a�?It is not true that women cannot make money through driving kombis. This industry requires women of steel who do not allow men to bully them around,a�? she said from experience.

She enjoys good working relations with male kombi drivers as most demonstrate high respect for her.

a�?They see me as a mother figure. They come to me for support and advice and my biggest asset is respect, care and humility,a�? she said.

Mawire began driving kombis following the collapse of her flea-market business after the introduction of the mult-currency regime in 2009.

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