Mata��land musclemen executive elections on

Matabeleland Amateur Body Building and Weightlifting Association (MABBWA) executive elections are going to be held in the next two weeks, an official has said.
MBBWAa��s executive was dissolved by the National Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting AssociationA� last year and Simon Gama was the interim chairman.

Gama who now serves in NBWA as a committee member representing Matabeleland said they will be meeting MBWA stakeholders on Saturday to map the way forward ahead of elections.

a�?We have a big task as MBBWA and we are going to meet stakeholders including gym representatives on Saturday on the pending elections that we are going to hold in two weeksa�� time,a�? said Gama.

He said they will work to revive the Mr Matabeleland, Mr Bulawayo and Mr ZITF contests.
a�?We will have to work and bring back Mr Matabeleland, Mr Bulawayo and Mr ZITF competitions. A number of people including sponsors are willing to come on board to revive MBWA,a�? said Gama.

Late last year, the Matabeleland Bodybuilding Contest held in OctoberA� to select athletes from the province forA� Mr and Ms Zimbabwe final was only attended by five contestants.

The competition was poorly attended by both the contestants and supporters due to the state of the Matabeleland Amateur Body Building and Weight Lifting Association (MABBWA).

The association was operating with a skeleton executive with only two members.
Only five contestants competed, with two competing in the junior category and three in the senior category. discount voucher.